Time for a Major Change

Well, we’ve all needed a change at one time or another, whether it be a new outfit or pair of shoes, a new way of wearing our makeup, or a drastic haircut.  I wanted a short haircut and I went for it!  Check out my “Pinspiration” below.  Of course, nothing ever really turns out as great as I hope it does, especially a new haircut.  While it may be user error in that I have trouble styling my new look due to inexperience with short hair, it may just be that this is not the style for me.  I’ve had the gambit of comments about my new do.  People seem to love it or hate it.  And you can always tell those who don’t really like it as they usually do not comment at all.  Me?  I am somewhere in the middle…I don’t love it and I don’t hate it either.  It has a life of it own.  It seems moody and unstable.  I don’t think that I will ever cut it this short again.  But here are some of my tips if you are going to make such a drastic change:

1.  Find a reputable stylist.  Yes, this means it will probably be expensive. 

2.  Only get one thing changed at a time.  Change the length but not the color or vice versa.  This will reduce the cost and the shock factor. 

3.  Do your research and take your favorite looks with you to the salon. 








One thought on “Time for a Major Change

  1. Good for you for trying something new. You KNOW I am a fan of changing up hairstyles, since you’ve seen me go from mid length blonde, to short and DARK, to everything in between. I like that you took a risk and went for it! Although I looove your hair before, I think the short is sleek and sassy. Maybe add highlights around your face to give the look some dimension and make your pretty blue eyes stand out even more? That’s my suggestion. Also with this length you can try the no-clamp curling irons and do a mussed-up beachy-wavy look (which I’ve been a huge fan of lately)… kinda like your pinterest pics! for tools use something like this…

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