Amber Wants a “Fun Dress/Casual Outfit”

Amber is my son’s babysitter and is also Metro Detroit Mommy and 123Child (I know, we got really lucky).  She was an elementary teacher who is now a fellow blogger.  Her blogs contain child/family activities, lessons and things to do in the Metro Detroit area.  She has been an amazing babysitter to our son and has inspired me to become a blogger.

Amber has expressed to me a few times that she wanted me to help her shop for new clothes.  So, it wasn’t a surprise when she was the first one to “jump” when I asked my friends to let me personal shop for them (no cost to them).  Here is the information that Amber gave me:  “So, I am a size 18/20 depending on the cut.  I would love a fun dress/casual outfit…up to $150 for the outfit and accessories, $200 if you include shoes (for my monster size 11 feet).I have a hard time finding the clothes in stores… I have no problem finding outfits. I also like to try them on before I buy them.”

She gave me a ample budget which made it very easy to find things for her.  The most difficult part about this was the fact that she wants to go to a physical store and try things on before buying them.  Maybe one day we will go to a store together and I can help her shop as this would be so fun for me!  However, the selection is infinitely greater it seems online.  So, I tried to shop at online stores that have good return policies (Aside from Forever21, but you can’t beat their prices and their contemporary style).  Other stores I shopped at for Amber were Avenue, JCPenny, Lane Bryant, and Kohls.  The first three because they have great plus size clothes and Kohl’s because you can’t beat their sale prices.

Below, you can check on all of my finds on Pinterest with direct links and prices.

Pinterest for Amber

Here are the outfits I put together.  Which is your favorite? 

***Prices reflect current sales.  Some sites offer free shipping/returns.  Some offer additional percentages off. 

1.  Top: JCPenny $25.50Skirt: JCPenny $44, Shoe: Target $12  Total Outfit Cost Around $85

2.  Dress: JCPenny $41.99Necklace: Forever 21 $12.80, Shoe: Target $12   Total Outfit Cost Around $66

3.  Jeans: Lane Bryant $69.95,  Top: Avenue $24Shoe: Target $12  Total Outfit Cost Around $106

4.  Dress: Lane Bryant $69.95,  Blazer: Lane Bryant $48Shoe: Target $29.99 Total Outfit Cost Around $148

Amber first 4


1.  Top: Forever 21 $24.80,  Skirt: JCPenny $44Shoe: Target $12  Total Outfit Cost Around $81

2.  Top: Forever 21 $24.80 Necklace: Forever 21 $12.80Cardigan: Forever 21 $15.80,  Boot: Avenue $84Jeans: Lane Bryant $69.95  Total Cost Around $208

3.  Top: Avenue $54Bottoms: Kohl’s $30.80Boot: Avenue $84  Total Cost Around $170

4.  Skirt: JCPenny $40,  Top: Kohl’s $22,  Cardigan: Forever 21 $17.80Shoe: Target $29.99  Total Cost Around $110

Amber 2nd 4


2 thoughts on “Amber Wants a “Fun Dress/Casual Outfit”

  1. Hey Carm! You did great with her. LOVE the zipper pencil skirt and WOW with the prices you really are a great bargain shopper!!!
    For other Plus-size inspiration you can check out my pinterest board here::

  2. p.s. I hope you are not offended by me posting to your page… figure it can help us BOTH with our aspirations. I am very proud of your personal shopping and blogging undertaking! You’re doing awesome. XOXO, DressMe.D aka Desiree Durso

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