Chicago Wedding

Steve and I are going to Chicago for a friends’ wedding later this month.  I began the dress shopping on  They have a great selection at any price point.  I have a difficult time picking out dresses because it is not something I do very often.  And I don’t like to spend a lot on dresses for such occasions as I usually wear them only once.  I think this is because I always have pictures of Steve and I in the special occasion dress and the look becomes old more quickly in that way. is also really great because they offered free shipping and free returns.  I ordered nine dresses and picked these three that I like best.  Which is your favorite?  Or should I keep shopping?

1.Vesper Sexy Pencil with Shoulder Detail  $56.11

2.Lipsy Midi Body-Conscious Dress with Lace Waist $36.76

3. Vesper Pencil Dress with Contrast Sleeves  $63.85 

IMG_4013[1] IMG_4006[1] IMG_4020[1]


3 thoughts on “Chicago Wedding

  1. #1: dress in middle; flattering on your figure (you look amazing, btw), and #2: LBD in the first pic… versatile and you will most likely wear more than once … can accessorize differently each time.

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