Fall 2014: Five Everyday Fashions For Moms

Fall just arrived as the temperature outside dipped from 94 degrees one day to 70 degrees the next.  I, for one, welcome the cool weather and I definitely welcome the new trends.  I’ve taken the liberty of picking my top five fashions for moms this fall.

1. Boyfriend Jeans

Though they have been around for years, boyfriend jeans have taken over the scene in casual wear recently.  I’ve even scene people dress them up with heals and a pretty lace top or a blazer for night life.  Boyfriend jeans are typically a lighter shade, loser fit, ankle length version of denim that are usually rolled at the bottom.  They are typically roughed up a little even though you can find them in a variety of styles these days.  My grandma always says “You paid for jeans with holes in them?!!!” and I giggle.  They will go with ANY type of shoe.  I have 2 pair in my closet:  one from The Limited (Slim Boyfriend) and the other from Kohls (Jennifer Lopez, Boyfriend Jean).  The Limited pair is a slimmer cut which I feel comfortable wearing to work on casual Fridays or for a girls night out.  Both versions run bigger so I went a size or two down.

8454739_245_11889646 (2)

2.  Chambray Shirt

Just like the boyfriend jean, the chambray shirt is extremely versatile.  Dressed up or down, there is no doubt that this should be a staple in everyone’s fall wardrobe.  And again, even though these have been around for a while, this fall they are all over the fashion scene. In past years, I would wear the chambray top with colored skinnies.  But this year denim-on-denim is all the rage and non-matching is better!  The shirt can be worn by itself or layered with just about anything.  I have two versions of this staple as well:  an old one from Kohls (Lauren Conrad-no longer available) and a sleeveless variation from Old Navy.  Below I’m showing a sleeved chambray from Old Navy too.  I like the sleeveless option for wearing underneath cardigans and blazers to rid the arm bulk.

cn8131244 cn7470706

3.  Plaid Tops

I went to college in the 90’s during the grunge era.  To me nothing is more nostalgic than a flannel shirt.  We used to tie them around our waste and head out to a party at Michigan State University.  Oh, the glory days!  Well, flannel shirts have been making their comeback for a while now and I couldn’t be happier.  Plaid, in general, is big time for fall.  Check out my picks below:    Asos Plaid T-Shirt is the first one but all the rest are from Old Navy.

image1xl  cn8077913 cn7889542 cn8153974 cn8672336

4.  Leather Oxford Shoes

These just made their re-appearance this fall.  They remind me of bowling shoes! 🙂  I think they are adorable with boyfriend jeans and one of the plaid tops shown above.  The only thing is, I think they are going to be expensive.  I recently picked up a faux leather pair from Target that I had to return because they just felt “faux”, you know?  I’ve pictured the Target pair below along with several real leather picks from Nordstrom.


5.  Satchel Bag

Large purses are back which is crazy because I had gone so small recently to the point I was only carrying around a wristlet that held my phone, debit card and license. I recently purchased a satchel bag from Target similar to the 1st picture below.  I really wanted a leather version but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra money.  I like to change purses a lot so it doesn’t make much sense to me to spend a lot on just one….even though I really really want to.  The “faux-ness” of this pleather bothers me a little but I love the purse.  Target has some great handbags at many price points, even leather ones.  I have chosen a few below.

15320693 (2)152957011549673814942203_Alt03


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