So, What’s Out, Exactly?

As I went through my closet recently, I had to make some tough decisions about what was in and what was out.  It can be tricky sometimes because you never know what might come back around in fashion.   I am not good at hanging onto things until they rebirth.  That is more my mothers bag.  Once I’m over it, I’m over it.   I just came across this article on one of my favorite blogger sites,  I know I was considering getting rid of most of my turtle necks/cowl neck sweaters before I read this article.  However, there were some things in this article that I would consider hanging onto.  Then again, there are some trends I never considered trying at all.  The three I will definitely continue sporting are infinity scarves, wedge boots and waterfall cardigans.  I’m on the fence about sock buns and peplums, however. What trends are you considering ditching?


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